FAMILY DIVING (The First Steps)

No previous experience necessary.

POOL TRY DIVING (12 – 112 year olds) Just 5€

We offer you a chance to try scuba diving at number of hotel swimming pools around Cala’n Bosch.

We introduce and explain the SCUBA equipment and teach you some gentle dive skills. This is positively the best way to discover ‘how much you like it’… before deciding to venture into the sea?



UNDERSEA ADVENTURES (12 – 112 year olds) Only 80€

The next step is to take the plunge and experience the fabulous undersea world of SCUBA Diving for yourself.

After spending a little more time in the swimming pool, developing your newfound skills, our dive team will guide you on a sea dive in shallow water from a sheltered local bay.  We escape from the crowds and spend time in peaceful, clear waters.  Swim with playful Damselfish and colourful Peacock Wrasse, shake hands with an Octopus and discover the timeless wonder and unspoilt beauty of the underwater world.

Undersea Adventure dives do not form part of a formal scuba diving course but the cost will be discounted from your PADI course if started within 2 weeks.


SUPER GROUPER DIVE CLUB (8 – 13 year olds) 25€

Let your kids enjoy their very first SCUBA dive in the safety of a hotel pool, with our friendly Bluewater Scuba Dive Team. After introducing our specially designed, lightweight scuba equipment and demonstrating simple skills we take your children on an exciting underwater swim around the pool.   They’ll play underwater Frisbee, and with other specially designed underwater toys.  Dive through hoops & do sub aqua somersaults. 

Each child receives a special Super Grouper Dive Club Membership Badge.

Check in resort for Bluewater Scuba’s full programme of events