EXCITING TOPOGRAPHY - Virtually ALL of our dives include the opportunity to explore caverns, tunnels, swim-thrus, overhangs or canyons. Pont d’En Gil Cavern is full of stalactites, stalagmites and mineral formations that have been amazingly sculpted by wave action.

WRECKS’N RUINS - Menorca is located on a major maritime route it has built up its fair share of shipwrecks over the years, as well as several exciting archaeological dive sites reflecting nearby Ciutadella's historic role as an important local port.

CLEAR IMAGES - All these sites are within easy reach of the resort, Cala'n Bosch and in addition, with an average of 30 metres visibility (frequently more) the unpolluted waters are home to an amazing diversity of marine life. Our dive sites offer an excellent opportunity to further any existing underwater interests such as photography or videography.

MORE SITES - Bluewater Scuba is constantly looking to expand the range of dive sites on offer and we've added some more challenging sites for the regular customers - the Catherdral Cavern,  Moon Pool, Switchback and Fossil Cave at Cap d’En Font.

Shore dives are currently the most common at BWS. Certain boat dives are available throughout the week. 

SHORE DIVING - We dive with qualified divers every morning (except Fridays) at 8.30am, returning at around 11am. This early start enables the divers to return to any non-diving family/friends and still have a full day together. We also arrange gentle afternoon dives starting at 2pm, and offer a night dive once a week.

BOAT DIVING - Some of the famous dive sites can only be accessed by boat to enable you to get to them. For example: Pont d'En Gil Cavern and the wrecks of the Malakoff and Francesquita, etc. For these dives we hire places on a boat from a dive centre in the north west of the island. They are very good friends of ours and they allow us to guide our own customers, so the Bluewater Scuba service stays with you.

DIVING EXPERIENCE - Our experienced in-house divers always ensure that Bluewater Scuba customers, whatever their skill levels, get the best possible dive itineraries.

Like many of our guests you'll probably conclude that a single visit to Menorca is just not enough!