His first experience of Menorca was when his old Dive Club dragged him here in the Spring of 2000. After a week’s diving with Crystal Seas Scuba he was hooked. Once back in the UK he decided to leave his job at the M.O.D. and get out of the rat race.  He sold up (lock, stock and barrel) and moved out by May of that same year.
He worked as part of the CSS management team for 3 seasons and then moved on to set up BLUEWATER SCUBA in the May of 2003, with me Kirstin, his sidekick.  Since then, company has gone from strength to strength.
Although he is currently based in the UK, he visits regularly to give support & make sure everything is ship-shape and running smoothly.  And of course, to scuba dive in one of most his favourite places! 




Long, long time ago a PADI Instructor ‘Leen’ from Crystal Seas Scuba taught me how to dive. Best thing I ever did! I moved jobs almost immediately and then worked with Crystal Seas Scuba for 6 years, mostly in the sales/reservations office. By the time I left I had been a PADI Divemaster too for 3 years.
My favourite past time (after scuba) is photography (during scuba). Menorca is a fantastic subject topside as well as underwater.  We hope you enjoy the piccies on the website... there are more... plus all the ones you take!
Finally, I went for my PADI Instructor qualification.  Only wish I’d done it years ago.  Also in March 2014 I went to the UK and spend a wonderful time doing the Dive Industry Technicians Course with A.S.S.E.T.





First came to Menorca around 20 years ago, when we all used to work at Crystal Seas Scuba.  After feeling the need to go sailing, Tom arrived back here a few years ago.  Since then, for his sins, he has been at my side, supporting me & Bluewater Scuba in every which way he can.  Above and below the water.  A dive instructor for the last 20 years.  All round good egg.
And, once the decision was made to finally take over the 2 units next-door to the dive centre and expand BWS 3 fold, Tom’s help & encouragement was invaluable. Carpenter, engineer  and master of finding solutions!  It was hard work but, between Tom, Lucy & me, we still had a lot of fun!




How lucky am I, having one of my bezzie mates working with me.  Anyone who knows Lucy, knows how chilled out she is in the dive centre.  Customers often comment on how good she is to them.  Excellent PADI Divemaster, brilliant underwater and has her eye on the ball at all times.  She has such a calm approach to everything and when that doesn’t work… she makes us all a cup of tea!  What an angel. 
Each winter she rolls her sleeves up and helps with general maintenance, cleaning and repairs of our all equipment and dive centre in general.  This spring she was very much part of the expansion team.  Making everything ‘Bigger & Better’.




This is Giac's second summer with us now and we are delighted to have him on the team.  A very talented PADI Instructor with all sorts of specialties under his wings, he brings tons to the BWS dive counter.  Sensible and caring in all his actions, you can rest assured he'll do his upmost to make sure you get the best possible dive.   Giac is passionate about teaching & diving.  He manages to get top performances out of his students, with determination and willpower.




This amazing couple were recommended to us by our Roy & Mahta (who have worked with us over 3 seasons).   Trusting them absolutely, no interview was necessary. Immediate gold stars.  What's really nice is that Roy recommended US to them too.

When you meet Javi & Babara you'd be forgiven for thinking that they have been working for us for years. Immediately they fitted into the BWS family and quickly learned all the sights and sounds of the dive centre.  You'll be in GREAT hands with these super instructors - if you are part of our children’s Super Grouper Dive Club, enjoying an ‘Undersea Adventure’ try dive, joining a recreational dive or enrolling in one of our PADI courses.  Their positive attitudes and keenness to please are a joy to see and for you to experience.

Javi has been of particular assistance to me with keeping on top of legal standards. I wish I could reward him by buying him the RIB he keeps asking for but... maybe next year...

Barbara is quite simply, perfect. Full stop.



Since Lucio left, at the end of a successful summer 2014, I have been periodically messaging him asking “So when are you coming back then?”  Imagine my delight when he contacted me earlier on this year asking if there was a high season Divemaster position on offer for this summer.  Absol-bloody-lutely!
So here he is, clean, calm and calculating as always.  There needs to be someone amongst us all that is good with paperwork ;)  He’s a great person to work with, being logical, methodical and very, very funny.  Our very own Sheldon.





She spent a number of weeks last summer visiting us & hanging out at the dive centre (apparently to learn Spanish before Uni.).  Phoebe was enthused enough to come back here for the whole of this summer to do a PADI Divemaster internship with Bluewater Scuba.  After much hard work, dedication and enthusiasm she is there!  Pheebs is now a fully fledged Divemaster and proving to be an important and valuable member of Team BWS.  Much, much appreciated.



We present the ‘Biggest & Best Team’

Having expanded the dive centre over the winter season, to 3 times the original size, we needed a strong team to make the whole thing complete.  And boy have we got it.  Immensely proud of the entire team.  We couldn’t have wished for more.  All are passionate, knowledgeable, keen, professional, patient, kind, hard working, eager, disciplined and above all good for a giggle. 
Come and check us out, we’d love to take you on some fun and exciting dives here, around the sunshine island of MENORCA. 
Languages - including English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian and a smattering of German.