My first experience of Menorca was when my old Dive Club dragged me here in the Spring of 2000. After a week’s diving with Crystal Seas Scuba I was hooked. Once back in the UK I decided to leave my job at the M.O.D. and get out of the rat race.  I sold up (lock, stock and barrel) and moved out by May of that same year.
I worked as part of the CSS management team for 3 seasons and then moved on to set up BLUEWATER SCUBA in the May of 2003, with my sidekick Kirstin. The company is going from strength to strength.
Although I am based in the UK for now, I visit regularly to make sure everything is ship-shape and give Kirstin support whenever she feels the need.
Main thing is, we all dive safe and have a good laugh doing it.



Kirstin Francis

Long, long time ago a PADI Instructor ‘Leen’ from Crystal Seas Scuba taught me how to dive. Best thing I ever did! I moved jobs almost immediately and then worked with Crystal Seas Scuba for 6 years, mostly in the sales/reservations office. By the time I left I had been a PADI Divemaster too for 3 years.
My favourite past time (after scuba) is photography (during scuba). Menorca is a fantastic subject topside as well as underwater.  We hope you enjoy the piccies on the website... there are more... the ones you take of course!
Finally after far too many years I went for my PADI Instructor qualification and love teaching more.  Only wish I’d done it years ago.  Also in March 2014 I went to the UK and spend a wonderful time doing the Dive Industry Technicians Course with A.S.S.E.T.  Doing the best I can.



Lucy– Prize Divemaster

How lucky am I having one of my bezzie mates working with us most mornings.  Anyone who knows Lucy, knows how chilled out she is in the dive centre.  Customers often comment on how good she is to them.  Excellent PADI Divemaster, brilliant underwater and has her eye on the ball at all times.  She has such a calm approach to everything and when that doesn’t work… she makes us all a cup of tea!  What an angel. 



This is Oscar’s third year working with us as a PADI Divemaster.  A very patient and kind person.    Excellent with all ages from the very young beginners to old salty sea dogs. 

Although he’s from the mainland of Spain, he loves to spend his summers here in Menorca.  We’re all pleased he is still part of our diving team.   Last year his English came on leaps and bounds.  This year his is our genius ‘French speaker’.  He spent most of the winter in Maribel.  And his Italian ain’t bad either.  That’s what you get for studying hard.   Oscar reckons Japanese next year!  He became my 3rd ‘Prize Fighter’ as in addition to his usual DM duties he’s been my mechanical support whilst Martin is in the UK.



RACHAEL ADAMS – Most Successful Nudibranch Spotter… in the World

Rachael is not just a PADI Instructor.   You get much, much more in this bundle.  Keen and passionate marine biologist, bloody hard worker, inventor, creator and adventurer.  One of our bezzie mates.  Shows the same amount of passion and dedication to the job as we do.  We have all that in Rachael.  What a star.  Originally she came to us as a part-time PADI Divemaster, the following summer was able to commit to the whole summer.  Came back the next summer as a PADI Instructor.  And was Prize Fighter #2. 

The time came when Rachael could fulfill a passion and so took a ‘gap’ year (2014) to go to Uni to finish her degree in Marine Biology.  She´s back and she’s fighting fit, eager to share her knowledge with you.



ROY D. COLLINGS – The Joy of Roy

Roy first came to work with us in 2010 as a PADI Divemaster Trainee and then he returned as an Instructor for another summer.  He not only helped develop the skills and talents of hundreds of very happy divers but he played an important role in the general development of Bluewater Scuba.  Our 1st Prize Fighter.  So we were thrilled when he contacted us and said that he’d like to hang out here again for this summer and Mahta was coming too.  I cannot praise this man enough about the way he teaches, his disciplines, his methods and… his results.  Should someone really be this fascinated by all things shiny?  A top man in all walks of life.  You’ll soon agree. 



MAHTA B    - The Mighty Mahta

We met Mahta when she worked across the road as part of a hotel animation team, all those years ago.  Roy sussed out pretty quickly that she was the sanest amongst them all.  She is meandering towards her PADI Divemaster.  Early on she qualified as the first BWS POOLMASTER, for which we ALL salute you!  You do an amazing job for us.  Mahta is an immensely value and loved member of the team.  She has taken on the chin all the extra dry jobs given to her.  The list is endless really.  Her sweetness and smile is always there to greet you.  We call her quite simply, the Mighty Mahta.



Jacint Genestat (Cinto)

Introduced to us by Lucy from not so far away… Ciutadella.  Cinto is also a Marine Biologist.  He arrived as a PADI Open Water Diver.  The skills he showed on his first dive indicated to us that we had a goodun, and we weren’t wrong.  Cinto learns quickly, uses initiative and is a natural leader.  A native Menorcan means he knows the lay of the land/sea and is immensely knowledgeable of all things local.  Add to this an American wife makes him international too - only speaking English with a funny accent  ;)  He is our newest PADI Divemaster and we’re very proud of him. 




In summary, you have the ‘Dream Team’. 

For a start there are - 3 Prize Fighters together here in one year and 1 Prize Divemaster.  2 Marine Biologists.  Old Blood, New blood.   8 Languages - including Spanish, Catalan, French & Swedish. All passionate, knowledgeable, keen, professional, patient, kind, hard working, eager, disciplined and above all good for a giggle.